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Australian Indices
BPI Reliability
HWI Reliability
Production ABVs
Protein kg
Fat kg
Milk L
Protein %
Fat %
Health ABVs
Calving Ease ABV
Gestation Length ABV
Survival ABVs
Survival Reliability
Residual Survival ABVs
Cell Count ABVs
Mastitis Resistance ABV
Mastitis Resistance Reliability
Daughter Fertility ABVs
Heat Tolerance ABVs
Heat Tolerance Reliability
Management ABVs
Milking Speed ABVs
Temperament ABVs
Likability ABVs
Feed Saved ABVs
Feed Saved Reliability
Liveweight ABVs
Liveweight Reliability
Conformation ABVs
Overall Type
Mammary System
Feet and Legs
Rump Composite
Dairy Strength
Heel Depth
Chest Width
Rump Length
Body Depth
Body Length
Muz Width
Pin Set
Pin Width
Foot Angle
Rear Set
Rear Leg Rear View
Bone Quality
Udder Texture
Udder Depth
Fore Attachment
Rear Attachment Height
Rear Attachment Width
Centre Ligament
Teat Placement (Front)
Teat Placement (Rear)
Teat Length